Little Black Dress Plan

Little Black Dress Plan

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This is our newest plan, getting you ready in time for the festivities that Christmas brings, and we can’t wait to see the transformations that people make with this! We have devised this plan to work with you. This plan includes the following;

  • Training Weeks (Split in to 4)
  • The Training Schedule and Plan Progress
  • Understanding Body Types
  • Terms You Need To Know
  • Diet Plans
  • Additional Food Choices
  • Vegetarian Food Choices
  • The Training Plan (Week By Week)
  • Cardiovascular Training Plan
  • Cool down and TABATA Plan

The Little Black Dress Guide is broken down into working different muscle groups, 4 days of the week. It consists of workout routines for the chest, back, shoulders and finally, abs and legs. For the full effect and maximum progress, make sure that you coincide with the plan as much as you can!