Bikini Blast Phase 1, 2 & 3

£30.00 £10.00

This is the pinnacle of all of our plans, the most popular by far, and we can see why! Getting the ideal Bikini body isn’t about extreme cardio, feeling drained or faint, or entering a health damaging state. Most of all, it’s not about cutting out calories and carbohydrates completely! We have devised this plan to work with you. This plan includes the following;

  • Training Weeks (Split in to 4)
  • The Training Schedule and Plan Progress
  • Understanding Body Types
  • Terms You Need To Know
  • Diet Plans
  • Additional Food Choices
  • The Training Plan (Week By Week)
  • Cardiovascular Training Plan
  • Cool down and TABATA Plan


This is a 192 page PDF download

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